19th Century Food Culture Essay

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As of the twenty first century, food culture is essential to Americans’ everyday life. Cooking and eating has become an art along with being a necessity. We are given access to a wide variety of choices of where and what to eat. Simplicity has taken over in the kitchen in modern times, having premade cooking ingredients, electronic utensils, and markets that provide us with large quantities of food choices. Though, in the nineteenth century, cooking was far more structured and different than what we’re used to. There was less of a choice to choose from, everything was handmade, dining out was a once in a while treat, and many utensils were non existent. Though, even in the early 19th century Americans still enjoyed meal time just as much as we do today, if not more. Since there was not electricity or more advanced technology till the late 19th century, the preparation of meals required greater amounts effort than it does today.…show more content…
It was rare for families to go out to a tavern or inn for a meal. Judges, lawyers, doctors, farmers, and blacksmiths commonly went to taverns for alcoholic beverages. In smaller towns, food choices were simplistic and mainly consisted of foods like fried cornmeal in milk. But in bigger cities, taverns had diverse options such as ham, beef, pork, bread, pies, and coffee. In the 1820’s taverns in larger cities became hotels that provided breakfasts and dinners for local and tourists. As time went on, dining out became more popular. (Teach US History) When the food industry started to grow, workers stopped returning home for lunch and instead ate at work. Tourism also became more popular, resulting in the demand for new places to dine. Immigrants from all over brought their cultures with them, and influenced American food. Towards the end of the 19th century, restaurants became a crucial attraction for people all over the country. (Gill,

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