Food Denature Enzyme Analysis

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Does processing food denature enzyme 's? Sadly, most packaged or canned foods in supermarkets are industrially processed. Any type of food that has been processed has had a deliberate change that occurred before it was available for the public to eat(What Is a Processed Food? You Might Be Surprised!). Enzymes are catalysts found in all living things that perform specific biochemical reactions. Enzymes are reliant on their structure to perform their tasks, so when the structure of the enzyme is changed it can no longer perform its task. When the enzyme can no longer perform its function due to a change in structure, the enzyme has been denatured(Meyertholen, Edward). To test whether processing foods effects enzyme activity, bromeliads and jello…show more content…
While there is an insufficient amount of evidence to officially state that bromelain is an effective treatment, there have been small studies that have confirmed bromelain as treatment. Bromelain is said to be a good treatment for arthritis, knee pain, severe burns, inflammation, sinusitis, improving antibiotic absorption, hay fever, preventing cancer, shortening of labor, and ulcerative colitis. Bromelain is considered a treatment for these conditions because the study 's showed that it causes the body to produce substances that fight pain and swelling and produce chemicals that interfere with the growth of tumors. In most of the small studies people were relieved of their symptoms or cured. Overall, this study is continuing research in order to further confirm that bromelain is an effective treatment("Bromelain"). Another study was conducted by Stefani Bardin at TEDxManhattan. She conducted an experiment on whether processed food digest differently than whole foods. In this experiment, a subject was assigned a processed diet of blue Gatorade, top ramen chicken, and gummy bears. In all of these foods, processed additives were put in the foods. The other subject was given a diet of hibiscus Gatorade, homemade chicken stock with handmade noodles, and pomegranate/cherry juice gummy bears. Each of the subjects were given a M2A capsule that records 8 hours of video in the gastrointestinal(GI) tract and a smart pill capsule that measures the pH and temperature of the GI tract right after the meal was eaten. She found that the subject that had the whole food diet digested their meal much faster than the subject that had the processed diet. After more than two hours, the whole food noodles were unrecognizable in the film given from the M2A feed whereas the ramen noodles were still distinct. These results were found in both trials, so she concluded that processed foods digest much slower than whole foods. She also

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