Food Deserts: A Case Study

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Food deserts are areas where individuals have limited access towards healthy food alternatives that are reasonably priced such as vegetables and fresh fruits. This absence is due to the lack of grocery stores within suitable traveling range.

Growing up in Bridgeport Connecticut I played a lot of basketball, traveling with my cousins and my brother we would play all day during the summer. Going to camps and different leagues around the city felt like the best times and the only thing that would make it better was finding pennies and nickles on the ground along the way. This made our day because with five cents you can buy a piece of candy and if we ever had a quarter or more it felt like we hit the jackpot. If one store didn't have the candy
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I just thought it was it was of convenience for everyone to walk and every city and state had just as many all over, just not enough supermarkets to go around. Although I was wrong, I did start to realize that with Bridgeport having by far the highest population in the state with having the nearest grocery store miles away plus for the biggest city in the state to have less than 3 total doesn't make sense. The corner stores were good as a kid but there was very few (if any) limited number of healthy, low-cost options. Going to the grocery store would feel like a field trip because once we finally would make it to one we would try to get as much as we could to last because we didn't want to make another trip anytime soon.

The good news for those without a car in this city (which a lot do not) is that the city bus goes all over, including the surrounding towns and they all have plenty of grocery stores to choose from. With some of the largest food retailers in the nation from Whole Foods Market, to Trader Joe’s, BJ’s and Wal-Mart, all of which can not be found in the largest city in the state. The downside to this could be that you may need more hands to travel with you to carry all of the groceries and this is when taking the bus could cost more than what families would

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