Lack Of Chain Grocery Food In Urban Areas

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One serious problem that poor, urban cities face is the lack of available healthy and nutritious food in their areas. With little to no access to wholesome food, city dwellers around the country are forced to consume extremely low-quality and unhealthy food on a daily basis. However, there are many different ways that we can fix this issue and they are not as difficult as people think. Also, fixing these problems are very beneficial for not alone urban city dwellers, but also grocery stores themselves. One way to solve the problem of not having access to healthy food options is for chain grocery stores to open up in urban areas. They think that because the city dwellers have less money, they will not make a lot of money. That is untrue. If citizens of these cities don't have to drive far to get prpudce, they will spend more money than they would at a store which is farther away.…show more content…
If they did this, people without usual access to fresh and healthy produce would know be able to obtain it. They would actually buy it, too; McMillan observes that "...lower-income households value organic produce more than the wealthy..." (McMillan 170). If people had easier access to grocery stores, they'd buy more and those stores would make more

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