Food Diary Essay

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Based on my data for my daily intake of foods, I would say that I live a pretty healthy life. I went over the food groups and calories, nutrients, food details and meal summary of my food diary and I thought it was interesting to look at all the little details of the different foods I ate throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If I had to set 5 goals to improve my nutrition in what I eat and how I keep myself healthy I would have to say for the first one, exercise more, the second one choose healthier meal options, third one eat more throughout the day, fourth one choose healthier snacks, and for the last one do not eat when bored. I try to exercise as much as I can when I have free time, but it is sometimes hard to find some free time. Usually when I do have some time to exercise I normally run. Running either on the track at the Rec, on a treadmill,…show more content…
It usually happens when I have classes back to back and do not have time for lunch, so I would skip lunch and just have breakfast or dinner, or it would be the other way around and I would have just lunch and dinner and no breakfast because I woke up too late and had to rush to class. I usually do not intend to skip a meal but sometimes it can be hard because I am so busy, but my goal is to be ahead of the game and try to fit a meal in my day so I do not feel sick at the end of the day. When it comes to snacking, I usually pick a snack that is not so healthy. Weather it be a ice cream bar like I stated in my food diary, I think if I ate healthier snacks, it would make me feel better. I do not really eat a lot of veggies or fruits, so I feel if I ate more of those when snacking my body would thanks me more because I am not taking in all those sugars and fats throughout the day. So my goal for this would eat more fruits and veggies, and ignore snacks that contain a lot of sugars and
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