Food In America Documentary Analysis

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“The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous ten thousand. But the image that’s used to sell food is still the imagery of agrarian America.” These two lines introduced us to what is going to happen in the documentary. It will provide a glimpse of corporate farming and mass production in America and the alarming issues it have. This is not some show to promote the vegan lifestyle or to talk smack about processed food. This is an exposé of the true events that is currently happening behind the curtains of food production, the downside of “conventional” farming industry, the multinational mega companies that ran the food industry, and the power of consumers to change these by altering their lifestyle. This reaction paper is divided in the same way as how I think the documentary categorized all of its contents: Food Agriculture and Production, Food Safety, Food in the Market, and Consumers with the inclusion of issues surrounding each of topics.…show more content…
We had the power to alter the food we eat and even choose what it supposed to look like. The documentary showed us the power of a single crop. The corn has so many uses that almost everything we see around us has a corn component in them. Having a control on the production of that seed means a control of the majority of things. Another one is that the fact that only four mega companies rule the meat production. The oligopoly can lead to a government with no power over the food production and safety of the consumer. We saw the downside of this immense power and how they simply control the people and

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