Dog Food Research Paper

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Dog Food
Owning a dog is a fun and immensely rewarding experience. Anyone who has owned a dog will tell you the same thing, it is part of your family. They will also tell you that owning a dog entails more than just feeding them and taking the for a walk. Owning a dog is a demanding lifestyle choice full of responsibilities. You are choosing to raise an animal that has emotional, physical and dietary needs. With the help from Optimal Healthy Choice Dog food you can ensure your dog is receiving a healthy diet full of the nutrients and vitamins they need. If you compare dog foods from other companies we are sure that you will be surprised at what you find. Most dog foods on the market claim that they are all natural and healthy for your dog.
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Our Optimal All Natural Puppy food contains over 30 organic ingredients that is guaranteed to provide your puppy with a well balanced and nutritional diet. Our puppy food will give your dog the boost in life that it needs. It will promote a healthy and robust immune system, strong bones, mental acuity, a soft and shiny coat, healthy teeth and a generally feeling of well being. All dog owners want their dogs to be spunky, full of energy and happy. By giving it a healthy diet as a puppy as well as plenty of exercise, you will be giving your dog the best chance it can get at being a happy and healthy…show more content…
By far the best way to keep a dog healthy is to give it a healthy diet consisting of a balanced proportion of all the nutrients and vitamins required of an adult dog. Optimal Dog Food for both big and small dogs is guaranteed to provide just that for your adult dog. Made from 27 all natural and organic ingredients, including meats and vegetables, provides your dog with the diet it needs and deserves. If you compare dog foods found in the store with our all natural and healthy dog food you will find that ours doesn't contain any artificial flavorings or preservatives that your dog doesn't need. A dog's digestive system is far more sensitive to these kind of additives than a human digestive system, and should not be in their food. Our Optimal Dog Food will ensure a healthy and happy adult dog.
Optimal Dog Food for Mature Dogs
When your dog is in its more advanced years, its dietary needs will not have gotten any easier. In fact older dogs are very particular about their dietary needs. Our line of best dog foods for mature adult dogs is made from organic and all natural ingredients that will ensure a healthy and happy old age. Older dogs can still have a spunk to them. It only requires a level of physical activity and a healthy diet that only we can provide. Choose our dog food for mature dogs and you are choosing to have a happy and healthy

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