Food Fight Thesis

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THESIS - After reading the article “ Food Fight” by Dora Rodriguez it is time to make junk food not available in public schools.
MAIN POINT 1 - First of all, early theories show that one in every three American children is overweight and need exercise. The percent has rapidly increased in the last forty years.
MAIN POINT 2-Secondly, snacks and drinks become very tasty and addicted leading to a bad habit and obesity.
MAIN POINT 3- Lastly, obesity has a chance on your health. Obesity could possibly lead you to diabetes, heart disease, and even death.
TRANSITION SENTENCE - As one can see, snacks in vending machine should be banned in all public or private schools.
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EVIDENCE - Studies show, “recent studies show that one in three children and teens is overweight or obese. The rate has tripled in the last 40 years” (10).
EXPLANATION -Therefore, this shows the number of kids getting obesity or eating too much for their limit.
TRANSITION SENTENCE - As one can see, junk food is causing obesity or health problems to kids buying too much junk food.
RESTATE MAIN POINT 2- Furthermore, junk food to kids can be really addicting or maybe leading to a bad habit or cavities.
EVIDENCE - The author points out, “ The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit” (12).
EXPLANATION - Clearly, kids are getting a bad habit by eating too much candies,chips, and soda. Kids should change their habit to eating veggies, or fruits.
EVIDENCE - Secondly, “Many people think that is setting a bad example” (12) .
EXPLANATION - In addition, people think kids eating junk food is a bad example for younger people and healthy.
TRANSITION SENTENCE - In conclusion, kids keep getting addicted to junk food like it’s breakfast or thier daily meal. Kids don’t realize there is more healthy food to
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EVIDENCE - The text reveals, “Obesity has a serious impact on health. It could lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other life - threatening illnesses” (10).
EXPLANATION - As the evidence suggest, eating to much junk food can be a major problem to the schools and students.
EVIDENCE - The author goes on to explain, “California is a leader in the prevention of childhood obesity” (12).
EXPLANATION - Therefore, kids eat too much junk food, even though the California is a main stop for obesity.
TRANSITION SENTENCE -All in all, junk food addiction could lead to severe health problems like heart disease, diabetes, or even death.
COUNTER ARGUMENT – Body Paragraph 4
RESTATE COUNTER ARGUMENT STATEMENT - First of all, many people think junk food can be eaten whenever they want to eat.
SPECIFIC COUNTER POSITION - The opposition will argue, “An across the board junk food bar does not teach young people to make healthy choice” (13).
#1 REBUTTAL –However, if children is not careful with their habits or to make the wrong choice they would get obese.
#2 REBUTTAL - What the opposition fails to realize, healthy food choices could lead to a healthy and great
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