Food Habits And Dietary Habits

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“Food habits or dietary habits are the habitual decisions of individuals or group of people regarding what foods they eat.”
One of the most difficult matter for anyone is changing a habit. But if you want to enhance your wellbeing and keep your body slim and active try to avoid the following after eating destructive habits. It’s never excessively awful late to invert your most exceedingly bad dietary habits and instantly begin a healthier and happier life.

• Eating fruit after having meal:
It is the most widely recognized practice yet it’s the most dangerous one, because your body has the capacity to digest fruits rapidly and when you devour fruits instantly after your dinner, they stays in the stomach for longer period of time, hence causing decay, production of gases and toxins.
The Fix: Try to eat fruit when your stomach is unfilled or two hours prior or later, having meal.

• Drinking water after having meal:
Drinking a little water before eating meal can help to set up your body for digesting food. Drinking water during meal will add dampness to your food to avoid constipation and now when it comes to get it after eating meal will conflict with your system, by weakening the digestive chemical and making it harder to digest food.
The Fix: Drinking Water would never be destructive for anybody, rather it will help you from distinctive infections and keep your body fit and smooth. Make an effort not to drink water after having meal.

• Smoking after having meal:

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