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The Bahamas consists of roughly seven hundred small islands, only thirty of which are inhabited. The nations total land and water area is 5,359 square miles, which is about the size of Connecticut. New Providence Island is home to the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. The majority of the population lives here. Most of the islands are flat with low rocky ridges. These islands are surrounded by clear, shallow water and coral reefs. The Bahamas experiences warm temperature year round. In the hottest months the average temperature is 88°F, while in the coldest months the average is 77°F. The rainfall is normally consistent, though the northern islands receive more rainfall.
Because of the nation's small
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The Bahamas governor acts as the official representative for the queen. Their prime minister commands a majority in the House of Assembly, and the 39 members of the House are usually elected for a five-year term. The usual elections are called by the prime minister, and must be held at least every five years. The voting age is 18. For transportation and communication, most Bahamians own a car. Mail boats provide transportation for mail, people, and freight between Nassau and other islands. There are postal systems most smaller settlements throughout the islands. There is no delivery to homes or businesses, since you have to pick up your mail yourself. The national telephone company provides phone service to the major islands. Cell phones are more popular now, and the internet is growing popular, especially among teens. Bahamians can go to elementary and secondary school for free, as well as having subsidized tuition for University. From the age of 5 to 16, children are required to go to…show more content…
What you will see here is not artificial fabrication. What you will find here is authenticity; things that God created. “The Bahamas Holy Land Experience is something that glorifies and uplifts only one person that is God. Sites here that you will see for the most part are only being enhanced by man,” he said. The visiting delegation and other guests were led on a guided tour of the park during the ceremony. This news article was found Bahamaspress.Com "Holy Land Park Opened In South Andros | Bahamaspress.Com." N. p., 2016. Web. 15 Mar. 2018 This news article was published on January 11

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