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There is a variety of foods Argentinian people eat on holidays, and just everyday foods. Just like we Americans love our food, so do the Argentinian people. When people get invited to someone's house for dinner that usually was a symbol for friendship. In Argentina, the Sunday family lunch is the most significant meal of the week. At these lunches, foods like asado or pasta are usually served. Asado is a tradition meal in Argentina. Asado is barbeque that is usually also served with beef, and other kinds of meat. This meal is cooked on a grill which is called a parrilla, or an open fire. Argentinian cuisine is also known for its homemade foods such as french fries, patties, and pasta. Homemade food is the way Argentinian people show love…show more content…
It is even eaten with toast, and as an ice cream flavor. Dulce de leche is made from boiling condensed milk until it becomes a thick caramel paste. Empanadas are also very common not just in Argentina, but in many South American countries, and also other parts of the world. The word empanada means something that is breaded. It is flour dough that can be filled with all kinds of ingredients. However, the typical fillings usually include meat, chicken, ham and cheese, mozzarella, and tomato. Matambre is another food that is popular in Argentina. Matambre is a long, thin slice of a meat that is rolled around some sort of filling. The fillings usually are spinach, onions, sliced carrots, and hard-boiled eggs. Some foods that are eaten in Argentina as I mentioned before are influenced from Europe. Some of these foods are milanesa which in Europe is called a wiener schnitzel. Another food which isn’t just eaten in Argentina but all over the world is Pizza. Pizza is very common, but the Argentinians add their own touch to it. The third food is the media luna which is equivalent to the french croissant. One of the popular drinks in Argentina is a submarino which literally translates to submarine. This drink is a hot glass of milk that comes with a bar of

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