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Uganda Uganda is the world's youngest country that half of their population is under the age of 14. It is a country in africa that is covered 20% by fresh water and has a mild climate. The main food in Uganda is bananas and their are over 1,359 species of large mammals and birds. In Uganda they have a very interesting culture, they have a specific day to celebrate peace called the festival of forgiveness and 80% of ugandans consider themselves christian. Currently in Uganda they banned smoking in public places and their is a malaria crisis. Uganda is a country in africa that is covered 20% by fresh water and has a mild climate. There are many lakes in Uganda, for example, Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert Edward and Lake George. 117…show more content…
Bananas are a main staple food in Uganda because of the fertile land around them. Perch and Tilapia are the main protein source because of Uganda's abundance in lakes and bodies of water. Peanuts, beans, corn, sorghum, millet, sweet potatoes, cassavas are very abundant foods in Uganda and are part of a ugandans daily life. Many people in Uganda raise livestock, cattle goats and other animals, and crops for a food sources. In rural areas a village will slaughter one animal to share as a community on a major festival. For breakfast they have bread margarine and fried banana, and tea. Snacks in the morning consists of bread and margarine. Lunch is usually bread and margarine and fruit. Snacks in the afternoon are usually Soda pop. Dinner is the largest meal and it is usually fish bananas and tea. In Uganda there are many monkeys and primates in africa. Uganda struggles with poachers, people that illegally kill animals and sell them on the black market, poaching was a huge problem from 1967 to 1896 but now from new laws poaching has decreased little by little over the years. Due to poaching their are many endangered animals in Uganda such as mountain gorillas and elephants. These animals are also desperation due to deforestations and natural disasters. A bird commonly found in Uganda is the gray crowned crane and that is why it is Uganda's national bird and why it is one the ugandan…show more content…
42% of Ugandans are Roman Catholic, Roman Catholics believe in Jesus but the church is lead by Popes and bishops and they believe in Saints and it originated from Rome. 80% percent of Ugandans are Christians, which means they believe in Jesus in general and the holy spirit and God. 12% of Ugandans are Islamic, which means they worship Allah. 3% of Ugandans are tribal religion. Tribal religion is when Ugandans worship many gods there are many different tribal religions. A type of religion is called Bagand in this religion people worship many gods the “beings” are meant to be satisfied. Mukasa is the god of children. Nende or kabaka at the god of War. Nagwoni is the god of hunger, and many other gods that are gods of earthquakes droughts and smallpox. Sometimes in these traditions there are sacrifices such as food, animal and sadly sometimes human sacrifices. Between 1885- 1887 many Ugandan Christians were killed or tortured and the Roman Catholic Uganda that were left made them saints, and you got that there's a ceremony of forgiveness and helps create a peaceful future. There are many different fun festivals that people in Uganda celebrate. Ugandan celebrate New Year's (January 1), NTM/NBA (election day January 26), Women’s Day (March 8), Labor Day (May 1), Ugandan Martyr day (June 3) Independence Day (October

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