Food Inc Case Analysis

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Food Inc. touched on many subjects in the food industry that most consumers are blind to. For example, the conditions of slaughterhouses and the way the animals are treated, the mistreating of farmers and factory workers, the power and the involvement with government that companies in the food industry have, and the unfair pricing of food. These are things many people don’t know or think about, but the truth is disturbing and shocking. Many things about food production have changed immensely in the past fifty years. The top five beef packing companies controlled 25% of the market in 1970; today, the top four control 80%. Fast food plays a large role in that because they want large amounts, very quickly, so they are the companies’ most…show more content…
Healthy options, like fruits and vegetables, are more expensive than junk food, like chips and soda. With this, many families turn to the cheaper and quicker option of fast food, rather than making a meal at home. Although it seems cheaper at the time, to buy dinner off the dollar menu at the drive thru, the effects is very expensive. Health issues as a result of the junk food, like Diabetes, is a growing epidemic in America, and is only getting worse. Food can either be medicine or poison, but it’s extremely difficult when the poison seems to taste better and cost…show more content…
a few years ago on Netflix, but after re-watching it now and really analyzing it, I’m extremely disgusted and infuriated. I knew the first priority for giant corporations, and this country, is money, but the lengths these companies have gone for that is disgusting. It’s immensely corrupt that the animals, farmers, and factory workers are treated with no respect whatsoever and are continuing to be taken advantage of, while the companies don’t have to face any consequences. I was at a loss for words when I learned that these companies have government officials and food safety organizations backing them, making it so easy for them to get away with killing consumers from contaminated food. This also makes it virtually impossible to stop them change the system, which makes me even more upset. The question “How is this even slightly okay?” raced through my mind the entire time I watched this documentary, and it’s still something I have no answer for. It just makes me disgusted and upset for the animals and workers, that efforts to change the system are shut down by these giant companies, who do everything for one worldly possesion:
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