Food Inc Documentary Analysis

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Food Inc is a 2008 documentary film directed by Robert Kenner which talks about the relationship between the food industry and its consumers the American people. The film focuses on the junk food guzzled each day in America all thanks to the genetically modified products that find their way into the market. It also focuses on the cruelty the animals face because they are the food industry source of income used for food. Michael Pollan’s 2007 article Unhappy Meals discusses how people are devouring too much food while forgetting about its importance to their health. Looking at the nutritional information that proclaims a product is healthy hides the fact that it has no dietary value whatsoever. Following the expose documentary and report, the corporate giants hide crucial facts about food products that are vital to the buyer which harms their health. The food industry motivation is to increase their profit margins, but the consumer needs to worry about consumerism and its effect on their welfare. Consumers and government involvement For the American people their…show more content…
The same health issues associated with consuming the Western Diet is now a worldwide threat. For Americans to find real food they need to look at the local market that has fresh produce. The documentary and article caution the consumer about their food selection and its addictive quality. They want the viewer and reader to stand against the injustices against the animals they consume and the food they market. Diet is important for a healthy individual and good food makes a healthy individual who is responsible for building his nation. Americans have a voice that will defend its rights and they should use it when shopping for their food then urge their neighbors to do the same. Perhaps food should become a high involvement product since eating promotes and preserves the body’s
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