Food Inc Reflection

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Food Inc. Food Inc., a documentary over the different food incorporations and facts that most of the consumers are not aware. Food Inc., discuses the main important themes that are caused by us the consumer’s food vs. healthy food, the reaction of the government, corn different uses, and how the consumers react. People choose fast food because it has two main things it is cheaper, and fast. The question is it fast food is good for us? Of course is not. There are too many cases like the family that is participating on the documentary they have a low income, and the cheaper way to eat is fast food. As, the documentary talk about we can make the change and I believe that is truth, but what about those families that do not have enough income to start creating a demand on healthy food. A good solution can be that everyone start to grown crops of vegetables or fruits and just buy the complementary…show more content…
Not all of the consumers are aware or well informed about it, others do not care, and the ones that most inspire me are the ones like fight look for a solutions give some advice like Kevin’s mother. This documentary make me realize that diseases like salmonella E.Coli etc., are now being found in others products is more close to us. Just because it does not happening to us does not mean is not happening to other people that may live in the same country or city as us. We as a consumers need to start creating a demand over healthy and better food for us. Food Inc., documentary makes me be more aware about the different food corporations and how the government and us as a consumers deal with this problem. Honestly, I would like to start by making a change not only about myself, also start at least recommending this unbelievable documentary to at least make people more conscious about the food
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