Food Informative Speech Outline

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I. Allergies are much more prevalent today than in the past, people with allergies spend billions to avoid allergic reactions such as itchy eyes and runny nose. Testing for allergens inside of foods has become very popular in the pre-market process. They would only be marketed if receiving a label which means the food was tested by the Center of Food Safety (CFS). While causes of allergies may very medical treatments can help alleviate symptoms for millions with allergies. Billions of People on the earth are born with or have received and allergy at some point in their lifetime.

II. Your Body is the target for allergies so it is important to know about how to take care of your body and what environment your body is supposed to be in.

A. Pollen Builds Immunity

1. Immunity is the ability of organisms to deflect a certain infection or certain germ by specific antibodies or sensitive white blood cells.
2. Scheduled exposures to allergens or allergy shots can cause immunity but on the other hand infrequent exposures to allergens can increase your likelihood that you will become more common to the allergens and receive allergies.

B. Mind and Body

1. American doctors who have treated food allergies and intolerance have said that such sensitivity can cause a lot of mental problems and illnesses.
2. Reports for mental disorders that were apparently caused by foods began with the work of ecologists.

III. Everyone with allergies knows how bad it is to have to deal with them,

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