Food Insecurity And Hunger

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Investigating Food Insecurity and Hunger

---à First Stop: “The State of Food Insecurity in 2015” - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (

1. How is Undernourishment described?

Undernourishment implies that a man is not ready to get enough nourishment to meet the everyday lowest dietary vitality prerequisites, over a time of one year. FAO characterizes hunger as being synonymous with constant undernourishment.

2. How is Hunger defined?
Hunger is how it is defined when your body 's feeling that you need to eat a food. It is a message from your body that you need food or you are going to die.
A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat.

3. Looking at the world map, what continents have the most prevalent hunger?

Africa have the most prevalent hunger.

4. Zoom into these continents, what countries have the most prevalent hunger?

Democratic People 's Republic of Korea have the most prevalent hunger

5. Choose three countries to investigate at a deeper level.

a. Country 1: Democratic People 's Republic of Korea
-What percent of the population is undernourished? 10.5 million in 2014-16 and 41.6% in 2014-16
-How has malnourishment changed for this country in the last 15-20 years?
After 2002 they decreased .2 million people after that they increased by 2 million

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