Food Insecurity

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Food Security is becoming more of a global problem with every passing year. Not only is the world’s population growing at such an alarming rate, but the changing climate is also a contributing factor which is making the growth and edibility of food items more difficult and harder to sustain in order to sell on or to eat. It is inevitable that food scarcity will soon become a global pandemic; as many more universities are teaching their students about the impact that food insecurity is having on the ever growing populations of the world, but especially in Africa where drought and famine are almost becoming a norm of life as millions struggle to simply survive. What is food security? Or more importantly what is food insecurity, and what can be done to address this ever growing problem? There are multiple definitions explaining the meaning of food security, however, they all mimic the same important message. Food security is simply having the ability to access sufficient, healthy, safe and nutritious food and receiving it on a regular basis and in appropriate qualities. Of course, the definition of food insecurity is the opposite of food security in the sense that food is not readily available, affordable and edible for a variety of reasons such as drought, poverty and conflict to name a few. Accessing food should never be viewed as a privilege but as a basic human right. Furthermore, a person should have the ability to acquire food through sociably acceptable norms and not

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