Food Insecurity In America Essay

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In the United States there are many children and adults that go hungry, due to financial problems. With the economy and how high cost of living is, it’s hard to provide, food for the family. The results of hunger on children in America are not having the right nutrition, can have serious implication for a child’s physical and mental health. Also food insecurity is harmful to all people, but it is particularly devastating to children. According to the Economic research service of the U.S department of Agriculture that the family had at times, “limited or uncertain access to adequate food, caused by either economic or social conditions.” In other words the family didn’t always have enough food to feed everyone. Among households with children, one in five 7.8 million households were food insecure. (Hunger Pg.1) How can so many Americans be hungry in a country whe4re obesity is an…show more content…
They are only able to eat at school. “The saddest are the children who cry when we get out early for a snow day because they won’t get a lunch.” Some children that’s the one thing they look forward to be to go to school to be able to get a nice breakfast and a decent lunch to eat, and when school lets out early it leaves kids going without food because they don’t have any food at their home. Kids with empty bellies find it hard to focus, they concentrate more on making it to lunch than on a math or a reading lesson. (Pg.58) Also Hungry students can exhibit behavior problems; they may become irritable, rowdy or get lethargic. That is a reason is how being hungry can have an impact on a child’s mental health. Summer is a crucial time for students. In summer, children are at higher risk of both obesity and hunger because it’s harder for them to get nutritious, nonfattening foods the good news is that free summer meals, funded by the U.S department of Agriculture, are available to children at thousands of location across the United States. (pg.

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