Food Insecurity In College Essay

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In the discussions of food insecurity, one controversial issue has been the prevalent misconception of why people are suffering from obtaining nutritious food on a consistent basis. On one hand, Frank Eltman, a writer for the Business facet of the Huffington post, argues that university students are facing food insecurity due to college expenses exponentially rising within the past decade. On the other hand, Adam Appelhanz, a police officer featured in the documentary “A Place at the Table,” contends that due to budget constraints he has not received a pay raise in the last four years, and is now inevitably utilizing a local food bank in order to ensure that he has something to eat each month. Others even maintain that food insecurity is synonymous…show more content…
However, the privilege of obtaining an education is becoming increasingly difficult to finance which ironically leaves some college students with the decision to choose between pursuing their dreams or having a meal on a consistent basis. The general perception of students who attend college is that since they are able to afford to further their education, they are inherently privileged and inevitably categorized as part of the affluent demographic within our nation. In contrast, Frank Eltman of the Huffington Post expressed that the majority of students enrolled in a university are ineligible for food stamps despite suffering from food insecurity. Eltman also capitalizes on the statistic that the tuition for public universities has increased an inordinate amount of twenty seven percent in the last five years. However, tuition is not the only expense that students are expected to finance. Textbooks and other general necessities are also costly aspects of college life that are often unaccounted for in regards to the true expense of obtaining a
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