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The Causes of food insecurity at the household level in Ethiopia Most of the severe food insecurity problems after the second half of the 20th century were caused by a combination of several factors. Various studies and literatures on the causes of household food insecurity reveal that the root causes of for food insecurity in general is quite complex that include both the natural and manmade factors. The various studies further disclose that the causes of food insecurity in general can be grouped as natural causes, socioeconomic causes, and policy failures.
According to Tagel (2008) who made his study on rural food security in Tigray, environmental degradation and drought are the prime factors that expose households to food insecurity and a subsequent famine. Moreover, Ejiga (2006) and Veen and Tagel (2011) conclude that misguided governmental policies and institutional weaknesses, undemocratic governance, political instability, particularly in the past regimes are among the factors behind the recurrent famines and food insecurity in Tigray region. To substantiate their argument, they attributed the causes of the 1965 and 1984 severe famines to the failures of policies of the Haileslssie and Derg regimes.
Similarly, as Meskerem (2011) clearly put
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Tsegay (2009), identified low and variable rainfall, traditional farming practices, inaccessibility to productive resources (rural credit), diminishing land holdings and other factors as the causes of food insecurity in Ethiopia. Another study by Meskerem (2011) on household food insecurity in Girar Jarso, one of the Woredas of the Oromia regional state, reveals that shortage of farmland, land fragmentation, overgrazing, soil erosion, high level of age dependency and poor fallowing practice are some of the responsible factors for the lowering of agricultural productivity that in turn leads to the state of food insecurity in the study

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