Food Item 1 Vs Food Classification Essay

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When comparing the two food labels, you find that there are more of the essential nutrients in Food Item 1 than in Food Item 2. Upon closer inspection you realize that, although there is more carbohydrates, fat and protein in Food Item 1, they are not the best carbohydrates and fat for you. The mistake that people often make is in thinking that all fat is bad and all carbs are good. By reading the labels you can see that there is more saturated fat, usually coming from animal fat, in Food Item 1. Also noting the hydrogenated soybean oil tells us that there is likely trans fat in this item, which is worse than animal fat. Since there has to be more than .5 grams of trans fat before they are required to list it, one can assume that there is up to .44grams of trans fat in this burrito. The next nutrient listing is the carbohydrates, again since there are more in Food Item 1 than in 2, you might incorrectly assume that it would be better for you, but when you look at the breakdown you can see that there is more sugar and less fiber in Food Item 1. The other thing which makes up the difference in the total amount are the starches, which they are not required to list. Starch is just another word for sugar and much more detrimental to our complete diet than the fat content.…show more content…
Protein not only builds and repairs tissue, it supports bone, muscle, hair, skin and blood. There are different types of protein, the important thing we from protein are the amino acids and the rate that our body absorbs them. The important thing is that you get a variety of these amino acids throughout the day and this can be done by eating a variety of vegetables and beans or legumes. The problem with protein from meat is that it also carries high levels of fat and
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