Food Label Assignment Essay

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Izamar Rivas
BIOL 1322-46401
July 23,2016
Food Label Assignment The key nutrients on the nutrition facts label is very important to know because it allows one to be informed of what kinds of foods they are putting in their bodies. Starting off with the serving size and servings per container, it allows you to know how much food the label is going off by. The amounts per serving lets you know just how much amount of each label the food item contains. The calories allows you to know how many calories there are and for example, if the label says “servings per container 2” and there are 120 calories listed, then you are really consuming double the amount of calories and would be a total of 240 calories. The unhealthy nutrients would be the trans
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Protein is also a good source of nutrient as it allows us to gain muscles and is good for our diet. Sugars can be good but can also be bad, one must be careful of not eating too much sugar as it can affect their health. The vitamins listed on the labels enable us to know how much of each is offered in that food we are eating. The percent daily value of a nutrient tells us the percentage of that nutrient that we are receiving. For example the 5/20 rule, if a food has 5% or less of the daily value, then it is not a good source of food, but if it has 20% or more of the daily value, it is a good source of food. This rule helps us keep in mind what foods we need to avoid that do not contain the nutrients we need and what foods we should continue eating that do contain the amounts of nutrients our bodies need. From now on, I will definitely be using the nutrition facts label to make healthy choices by reading and understanding how many calories I will be consuming, what the serving size based off the label is, limiting my portions, and what foods are not going to be benefitting my health. If I want to choose a healthy lunch I will stick to eating less calories, more protein, good amount of the right carbohydrates,
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