Food Log Assignment

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I have chosen one of the days of in my recorded Food Log in order to do the Fast Food Nation assignment. I had a healthy diet, but it was not well balanced according to the daily diet nutrition, I had for breakfast banana juice, cereal of chocolate, and whole wheat bread with peanut butter. Then, for lunch I had chicken breast, rice and vegetables, after that I went to subway because I was hungry and had 1 ft. long sandwich ( the sandwich had about all vegetables and beef). At noon I had a dinner and ate almost the same that I did at lunch just small changes; I ate rice, vegetable and a good piece of meat. Lastly, during the day I had some healthy snack of vegetable soup that my mom always do for me, like that probably I would gain some weight…show more content…
I had too many calories (3166), protein (232.42), carbohydrates (379.96) and fat(81.61). However, I was low in fiber (33.4) and sodium (1990). It was hard to balance it mostly because I was getting hungry during the day even I had good meals, also I was doing activities so I had to take the food out of home in a lunch box, and I think I had lunch way too early so, at half of the day I had to stop at a subway, I decided subway because I love choosing the sandwich and adding items and removing items is one of the best features in subway. And I am used to taking dinner like it is a lunch, a full plate with everything on it. I don’t choose my food, my mom that is the chef of the house, she is the one that takes the work of thinking what to do, and always trying to pick healthy items to have a healthy life, this class have been a great help, because now I can help my mom informing her what is good and bad and how we supposed to serve the plates. I know that I eat a lot, but I feel fine with it because I know that I am skinny and my goals are to gain some weight, and I try to do it in a healthy way, not eating too much fast food or easy made
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