The Influence Of Food Packaging

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He also elaborated that ultimately every consumers buy food products and in it consumer considered important factor because of their attitude and priorities toward food packaging. The main basic factors which considered important for the growth of food packaging include portability of packaging, its convenience, functions of the package. Manufacturers and retailers should be cleared about what matters more to consumers as well as which innovative packaging design helped in gain the consumer attention and influence their buying behavior, for keeping themselves competitive and dynamic in in the market of food package.
Garber & Burke & Jones (2000) explained that ideal packaging is the result of highest involvement of marketers and efforts done by designer as well as consumer response. Hence packaging is key factor in modern consumer lifestyle and for creating choices among products. They also mentioned that in marketing campaign packaging was considered best marketing tool for creating brand image or promoting its name, differentiate the brands from others, and create competitive positions. So packaging act as best decisive communication
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A. (2012) conducted study to find out which attribute of packaging stimulate the buying behavior of consumer which element of the packaging is more significant. In this age of competition packaging consider as best tool to promote sales. Packaging plays a crucial role in marketing and encourage customer to choose that product among the number of same product different brands. Packaging could be treated as important element to gain the attention of consumers. Main purpose of this study was to find out the value of product packaging as well as which element of packaging has great impact on consumer purchase intention. Findings of this study showed that color of packaging considered most important element of packaging, color of images on the packaging has significant impact on the purchase

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