Essay On The Importance Of Food Packaging

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2.7. The importance of food product appearance and packaging

Packaging plays an important role of protecting food products from outside influences and damage. The packaging does not only ensure that the food contains and maintains the amount and form of the required ingredient and nutrients, but also improves the sensory quality and color stability (Balev et al., 2011). It has been demonstrated that food packaging can retard product deterioration, retain the beneficial effects of processing, extend shelf-life and maintain or increase the quality and safety of food (Marsh & Bugusu, 2007; Singh & Goyal, 2011).

Consumer demand for food products with high quality is on the forward trend. In this front, packaging is critical in maintaining product quality while offering protection from microbial and chemical contamination, as well as from oxygen, water vapor and light (Silva et al., 2004; Bibi et al., 2008; Adetunji & Chen, 2011; Rajkumar et al., 2007). The extent of food protection by packaging, however, is dependent on the type of materials used which varies between countries. For instance, the major packaging material for potato crisps in Kenya has been polyethylene bags and only
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A good package has to perform the following functions: It must keep the product clean and provide a barrier against dirt and other contaminants; It should prevent losses. Its design should provide protection and convenience in handling, during transport, distribution and marketing. In particular, the size, shape and weight of the packages must be considered; It must provide protection to the food against physical and chemical damage (e.g. water and water vapour, oxidation, light) and insects and rodents; It must provide identification and instruction so that the food is used correctly and have sales appeal (Fellows and Axtell,

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