Food Pantry Project

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The Food Pantry Project is a place where people can donate non-perishable foods and personal care items. These items would then help students in need from the University of Colorado Denver. In order for students to receive the help from the University, they have to present a valid CU Denver Student identification. You can only take a limited amount of items because of the number of students the University has. My classmates and I thought of five different ways to help the Food Pantry Project be able to give more food to students. We could ask our parents, ask our neighbors, ask rich neighborhoods, ask small food businesses and last of all ask faculty members. The target we have to help us raise money for students in need consist of five different…show more content…
We need the most amount of help we can get from our parents. Our parents have foods they don’t really need in their pantry that could be given to students from CU Denver. We would accept money from our parent because the money is another way to get food to the students. We would ask our parents by just begging them to give us food to help students from my University. Another group that would be able to help us are our neighbors. They are a big tool because some of the neighbors we have could give some of their canned food to help students in college. Our neighbors are really caring people that would be glad to give us food to help the CU Denver pantry. I would ask them politely if they are willing to help students in need from CU Denver with non-perishable healthy foods. Another group that would be able to help us with this project is rich neighborhoods because these people most of the time have a lot of leftover canned foods they don’t eat. If we tell them nicely that we are
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