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Food is a particularly tricky subject to photograph because so many mouth watering aspects are short lived or difficult to capture on film. However, professionals have an arsenal of tools at their disposal, as well as a few trade tricks to producing beautiful food photography in San Francisco. 1) Oil keeps proteins looking moist. Food stylists often paint vegetable oil over proteins, such as chicken or beef, to keep them looking fresh and juicy regardless of how long they have sat out. 2) Instant mashed potatoes add plumpness to filled items. Stuffed food, such as enchiladas, are often filled with instant mashed potatoes because they are easy to make, do not cause sogginess, and can be molded into many shapes. 3) White school glue is an alternative to milk. Milk tends to cause cereal to get mushy pretty fast. Food photographers often use white school…show more content…
Staging a plate takes time, and fresh cooked foods cool quickly. To revitalize that steamy perfection, food photographers use a number of tricks. Soaking cotton balls and microwaving them is just one way, for example. 6) Ice cream is often replaced with a melt free homemade verity. Because ice cream melts, drips, and runs, many food stylists avoid using it all together. Instead, they mix up a batch of homemade, melt free "ice cream" made of shortening, powdered sugar, and corn syrup. 7) Beautiful golden brown items are likely painted. Food coloring is used a lot in food photography in San Francisco to bring out the beautiful colors that draw the eye and promise a tasty treat. 8) Fake ice and foam create picture perfect beverages. To prevent condensation, beverages are often shot at room temperature with fake ice. Foam topped drinks, such as beer, is actually topped with soap foam because it lasts longer. To learn more tricks of the trade, or to request information about Food Photography in San Francisco, please contact the office of Tyler

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