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Sahar Iqbaluddin
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A waiter is passing out food at an expensive restaurant, delicious food on platters. The sight of the food makes the diners’ mouths water. One may wonder how food plating can affect the actual taste of the food. Does color change the way the consumer thinks about the dish? Are men or women more influenced by food presentation? Food plating can give the judgement of whether the food was handled with care or not. This paper will discuss food plating and its psychology based on color, appetite, presentation, and how gender affects overall judgement. There is science behind how food plating and color can affect overall appetite. When food is arranged a certain way, it creates
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Food Plating claims that if it’s not visually appealing, it can affect how the diners feel it tastes. Food presentation can change the way a consumer might feel about the dish. Food Plating observes “the diner’s experience is heavily tied to what they see on the plate,” This means if the food doesn’t look appealing, it can affect the experience the diner has at that certain restaurant. The usual plating of the food can affect the diners’ natural opinions about the food, observed by The Color of Your Plates Matter. This shows how if food is not organized nicely, it can completely change the diner’s opinion. Presentation is the main aspect of food plating and it can relate to gender in many…show more content…
Especially if the consumer is sensitive to certain ingredients or the way the food is placed. For example, if a consumer is not pleased or fond of olives, their appetite will decrease if it is in a dish. This happens commonly amongst children who don’t typically like vegetables. If a consumer doesn’t like the way a food is presented (i.e. messily chopped onions on a burger), this will result in the diner losing interest and appetite quickly. Or if they like some foods to be separated from one another on the plate. This will affect not only the way the diner perceives that food but also what they think of the restaurant serving that food. Lastly, shapes play a small role in food presentation but they affect it nonetheless. Typically, circular or round shapes are associated with sweet dishes or desserts. On the other hand, angular shapes are paired with savory or sometimes, bitter flavors. Shapes can trick the mind into perceiving if a certain dish has a different flavor. Shapes of plates can also affect the way a consumer thinks about a dish. If the plate is a circle or a square, it’s viewed as professional and “fancy”. If it is more irregular shapes such as pentagons or triangles, it’s commonly viewed as unique and
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