Food Poisoning Case Solution

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The food-borne illness is transmitted to people by bacteria through infection. For this time, the food poisoning case is result from two reasons. At Harbour Grand Cafe, 74 victims suffered from diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting after eating lobster, sashimi and Peking duck that is high severity of consequences but infrequently occur in that restaurant. First, since lobster, sashimi and Peking duck are hazardous food. They are also high protein foods, which are edible crustaceans, fish and poultry, protein will breakdown into amino acid that is favour for bacteria multiply (“Foodborne illness,” n.d.). Second, before drawing out from water, there are disease-causing bacteria inside those foods (Anna, n.d.). Vibrio parahaemolyticus and noroviruses…show more content…
Yet, before receiving the products, staff should test whether the lobsters are put in water within pH value 6.5 to 8.5 (“How to keep,” n.d.). Besides, before and after handling food, staffs should their hands with soap for 20 seconds (Centre for Food Safety, 2015).
Suppose that no one is responsible for monitoring critical control points before. Every staff has their job duties and monitoring job is important to a restaurant, so manager usually does the job. When nobody did this job before, managers couldn’t review the data and predict the problem.
Assume that staffs didn’t take corrective action immediately when the critical control limit is exceeded, as they didn’t realize the refrigerator temperature. Therefore, staffs should put digital thermometers with attractive interface. If the temperature exceeds the limit, staffs should tune it
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Managers may conduct a briefing session every day for talking about the sanitation practices like clean the floor and put food in refrigerators.
Fifth, make sure the surrounding environment is clean enough. Since there are some bacteria carry by pests like cockroach and mice, maintaining the environment clean can prevent the bacteria transmitted to food. However, staffs use chemical contaminants to control pests is unavoidable. While using pesticides and detergents, chemical composition may touch those foods. Therefore, before using the chemical contaminants, staffs should place foods in a suitable place like refrigerators.
Sixth, make sure the trashing area is far enough from the food preparation area. Since some raw meat or uncooked food may dispose into trashing area, that area should place away for avoiding bacteria infection and cross-contamination.
To conclude, Harbour Grand Café has unsuccessful HACCP system before, and they can prevent the food poisoning outbreak happened in the future by accepting above ways.

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