Food Pollution In The World

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According to United Nations’ figures, Consumers throw out 280 million tons of food each year. This condition is common around us. We can not appeal to everyone who lives I the world to stop wasting food, but we can persuade students who stay at the residential college of this university to get the proper volume for every meal. According to a new report by U.K. nonprofit Waste & Resources Action Programme. The vast majority of food is wasted in Asia, followed by Europe and then North America. And there are some Key facts and figures which can show this serious problem more clearly. Food wastage 's carbon footprint is estimated at 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent of GHG released into the atmosphere per year. The total volume of water used each year to produce food that is lost or wasted (250km3) is equivalent to the annual flow of Russia 's Volga River, or three times the volume of Lake Geneva. Similarly, 1.4 billion hectares of land - 28 percent of the world 's agricultural area - is used annually to produce food that is lost or wasted. Agriculture is responsible for a majority of threats to at-risk plant and animal species tracked by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Home composting can potentially divert up to 150 kg of food waste per household per year from local collection authorities. Developing countries suffer more food losses during agricultural production, while in middle- and high-income regions, food waste at the retail and consumer
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