Food Production Speech

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Ever wonder what happened to society? Why quick and easy meals became the way of the future? or why producing livestock for meat in a more accelerated fashion was better? Okay, time is money and money seems to be more valuable than time. The more products being produced the more money being acquired. Even with that said, the money did not take into consideration all of the side effects mass food production would do to society. Quaility was also not a factor given any thought when food companies started producing particatlly prepped food products. Thus leaving the human body to decipher what it was eating and how it could efficiently digest all these additives and preservatives it was now consuming. With this change in food production and the…show more content…
Reaching out to today's youth would seem to be a good way to start. As we already have a system in place to educate our next generation in the public school system. Keeping physical education the same, teaching sports rules and teamwork, but in addition teach today's youth the importance of healthy living through proper nutrition and broadening their ideals of physical activity. Supplying students with the knowledge of healthy food choices and giving them the opportunity to experience healthy food choices through preparation and taste. Giving the students the chance to experience these choices may be the most prominent way of reaching them. Even though physical education class is mostly based around knowing and understanding how sports are played, it also teaches students how to work together a unit to achieve one desired goal. Incorporating additional physical activity time, where students learn the basics of muscular-strength training, muscular-endurance training along with cardiovascular and flexibility training as well. Giving students the knowledge and understanding of why all of types of physical activity training are beneficial to a long healthy life. Introducing students to a more obtainable habit through physical activity would seem to be the…show more content…
Or having your favorite box of cereal for breakfast, without the fast, convenient box in your pantry? Increasing World population has steadily put pressure on food manufactures to supply a never ending food supply, that may or may not have have a detrimental affect to our health. Understanding that a healthy lifestyle is all about choices, we just need to make sure we continue to make the right knowledgeable choices to live a long healthy life. Incorporating weekly physical activity will also assist in keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Equally balancing both proper nutrition and physical activity while keeping us healthy, will also decrease the chances of acquiring any number of chronic illnesses. So the next time you are in your local grocery store, consider spending more time reading the fine printed ingredient list to all those convenienty package meals, spending more time in the produce section fulling up the cart with whole foods and consider buying the whole grain counterpart to all the refined grain options. Making simple changes is the first step to attaining long lasting healthy

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