Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Eating At Home

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Food, one of the most indispensable elements of life, if a human being living without sufficient amount intakes of calories and nutrients daily, might costing physical illnesses such as nutritional deficiencies. On another hand, quality of food is equally important as quantity of food, but most of the decent quality food cost a decent amount of money, but time and energy are also the critical factors for a family to make a decision of purchasing food. Commonly, for a family, there are two ways to deal with every meal, home cooking and dining out. Providing a measurement for the society and seeking a balance point between the factors is the major purpose of the following article. Therefore, in the article would analyze and evaluate the pros and cons of home cooking and dining out in various ways such as the cost of money, time consumption, energy consumption, health consideration.
The basic expenses of a family usually divide into few parts, mainly included housing cost, food, clothing, transportation, medical. The decisions on where the food
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Comparing pros and cons between eating out and cooking at home is a good example, considering and comparing different factors that matter for family management, such as economic (e.g. money), non- economic (e.g. time, energy, energy). For the factor of money, time and energy, it is hard to tell which options are the best for the family, it depends on which factors matter the most for the family, if money matters, cooking at home would be a better solution for them; if time and energy matters the most for them, dining out or ordering takeout could be the most reasonable options for them. But for the health concern factor, cooking at home no doubt is the best option compared to eating or ordering
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