Food Rules By Michael Pollan Summary

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Michael Pollan is the author of “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”. Throughout his career, Pollan has been investigating about the hazards that industrial foods pose to us, and how we can avoid them and replace them with a healthy diet. He believes that “The way we eats represents our most profound engagement with the natural world.” (Shetterly, Robert. “Michael Pollan.” Americans Who Tell The Truth. N.p., n.d. In the book, Pollan tries to distinguish between healthy and harmful foods. He says, “Eating in our time has gotten complicated.” (Food Rules, page ix). What he means is that foods today contain various types of ingredients, and you’re just not sure if they are healthy for you or not. Some foods are made of exotic ingredients that we have never heard of. Pollan speaks from the…show more content…
He was curious to find out what’s the right food to eat, how to keep a healthy diet and food habit, and how to distinguish between harmful and hearty foods. Pollan was fascinated with the science of nutrition, so he decided to go ahead and do a research on nutrition. What kept Pollan motivated in this subject is the fact that it all became simpler as he investigated further about nutrition. On page x of the introduction, Pollan states, “Feeling as confused as everyone else, I set out to get to the bottom of a simple question: What should I eat? What do we really know about the links between our diet and our health? I’m not a nutrition expert or a scientist, just a curious journalist hoping to answer a straightforward question for myself and my family.” About his researches, he said, “The deeper I delved into the confused and confusing thicket of nutritional science, sorting through the long-running fats versus carbs wars, the fiber skirmishes and the raging dietary supplement debates, the simpler the picture gradually
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