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Human cannot live without food and water. So food safety is very important for us. Nowadays, food safety issues are growing serious. Many foods has added additives and contain pesticides. These foods are harming people’s health. According to the world health organization said that unsafety food may cause many illness and safety food supply may support the economic, transaction and travel. Also, it can stimulate sustainable development of the world. (
Nestle, the largest food company in the world. And on the Fortune Global 500 in 2015, Nestle ranked at 70. (Fortune, 2015) It is begun in Switzerland in 1866 by the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company ( According to Nestle annual report in 2014, Nestle has operated
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Nestle has set up some policies to ensure the food safety of its products. It has set up a quality management system for its product. Nestle said that their food safety has covered all of its supply chain. First, for the raw materials they may check the materials from the suppliers and farmers to ensure they are safe and have high quality. If those materials don’t comply of their standard, they may not use it. (, 2015) Secondly, for the process of their production they may use the highest quality and safety standards to make sure the production process is safety and cleanliness. And they have trained their employees to have a good food hygiene. Also Nestle may test their products before their product leaves their factory. (, 2015) Those procedure get their consumers to have more confidence to eat their products. And they may buy more of their products. Nestle said that they had tested their products over 100 million times each year to ensure their products meet their internal and external standard. (, 2015) This is why Nestle has many loyal consumers of their products. Also, Nestle may recall its products when there is a food safety problem, whether that product has health risk or not. This can let company retrieve their image and always let their consumer know that they are paying attention to health and their feedback. This action can redeem Nestlé’s goodwill and…show more content…
But due to the melamine event and the several times of food safety issues of Nestlé’s products, we can know that Nestle has failed to keep all of its products be safety. Although Nestle represents that those products may not pose health risk to consumers, the public is still worried about those foods may hurt our health. Moreover, the baby food and the infant formula may be the only food for the babies. And the Babies are immature and fragile, so they may be illness or death because of those foods. Therefore nestle should pay more attention to those baby foods and set up more standard to ensure their baby food not contain any additive or chemical agents. According to Nestle represent that they used the internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to produce those products. (, 2015) But due to those food safety issues, this may not enough to make sure the safety of those products. So they may have to set up some new standards in its products to ensure those food safety problems may not happen again. Also Nestle can cooperate with some of its competitors such as Kraft Foods and Mars to research and development some food safety policy together. So that the consumers can enjoy the safety food and also they may have more confidence to buy their products. This can let nestle to get more revenue and have a better goodwill. Some of the potential investors may

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