Subway Food Safety

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Food Quality & Food Safety
Food safety and food quality are some of the top needs at subway. They want to serve food that reliably meets the most elevated quality and safety levels – from the time it is produced, harvested or caught to when it is put into a sandwich or coleslaw(salad) in their eateries.

To guarantee that the products they serve are constantly crisp and reasonably delivered, thee have stringent review/audit forms that they adhere to all through their supply network and also require that their suppliers' work hones meet their Merchant code of conduct.

Their highest requirements for food safety guarantee that their clients are getting the quality the SUBWAY brand expects them to deliver. It starts with setting point by point product particulars followed by examination of tests pulled from distribution points
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Different new improvements in QSR advancements are coming up like TOT-When the clients are in line the Tablet Request Taker (TOT) takes the request and swipes the clients charge or Visa on a cashless hand held gadget. This aides in decreasing lines amid crest hours and enhances operational productivity. TOT is only activated during peak hours across high traffic places.

The majority of the QRS don't have any such application. They are absolutely reliant on their resources and manual System. They are very not mindful of the advantages of utilizing IT as a part in their sector.

Talking about the advantages of the single point solutions that QSRs can utilize and use to reach the the masses:

Access to information: Clients can check their menu online and can submit their order, along these lines saving time with the phone attendant

Utilisation of resources: Menus can be upgraded on real- time premise and also the offers. This saves the time of QSR in explaining all the offers over

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