Food Security And Food Insecurity

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Food security and food insecurity are concepts used to describe whether or not households have access to sufficient quality and quantity of food. Food security is assumed at the global, national, household and individual levels. Food security at global level may not guarantee food security at the national level. Moreover, food security at the national level does not guarantee food security at the household or individual level (Robert Aidoo, 2013).

As studies showed that availability of food, access to food and risks related to either access or availability of food are the essential determinants of food security. Food production, stockholding and trade are the primary determinants of national, regional and local availability of food. Variations
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Although this declaration has been adopted by several states very long times ago there has not been significant political commitment on the side of some governments, hence there is still severe hunger, starvation and malnutrition in the world (Tilaye, 2004). Governments have a legal and moral responsibility to play a key role in achieving food security to their people through clear strategy formulation, policy design and implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of…show more content…
A comprehensive technical definition, essentially followed here, is given in a draft document prepared by the United Nations Administrative Committee on Coordination-Subcommittee on Nutrition: "A household is food secure when it has access to the food needed for a healthy life for all its members (adequate in terms of quality, quantity, safety and culturally acceptable), and when it is not at undue risk of losing such access" (UN ACC/SCN 1991, 6).

An effective food security policy should aim to ensure an adequate dietary intake for all households without exposing them to excessive risks in attaining that intake. Now a day, in addition to the government of poor countries, various private actors, ranging from the food insecure households themselves to communities, NGOs, CSOs, international agencies, and bilateral donors are acting to improve household food security in the poor countries (Galunde Warotte,

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