Food Security Bill Case Study

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Course Facilitator: Prof. Padmaja Shaw
Date: 18th August, 2015

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Harsh vardhan sharma (09/2014)
Master of Public Policy
National Law School of India University

Social Security (National Food security Bill)
We know the importance of food in our life, that how essential it is to survive. But still we are struggling to develop an optimistic approach in the distribution of food in the society. Food insecurity is the major aspect of the delinquent which is based on the several indicators, out of which most important is poverty and malnutrition, essentially they all are interrelated to each other. Poverty is the core indicator which develops the juncture
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Sandeep Dixit- He was born on 15 August 1964 in Lucknow. He was the member of the 15th lok sabha of India. He is a representative of Indian National Congress. Sandeep graduated from St. Stephens and did his Master’s from IRMA and was associated with rural development programme. In the debate sandeep’s opinion was more towards the drafting and requirement of the bill. He stated very clearly about the delay in the bill and also how this bill will impact the poor. He clearly stated not to associate this policy with politics intervention. The idea is to make India hungers free nation and to provide the basic social security to the people in terms of food. (wikipedia…show more content…
The major criticism for the bill is related to its cost incurred in the bill and also the political interest behind this programme. But I think the policy is far beyond the cost and other vested interests, the intension is on a humanitarian profound of the society. Being a developing nation and achieving 9% GDP progress may at least doesn’t make sense if the malnutrition and hunger persists in the society which is the major cause of undeveloped rational in the society. The Govt. should have also adopted certain other measures to boost up the standard of people by providing other social securities also in terms of employment etc., and to move towards formulating good policies and work for better implementation of such policies. The rationale behind such policies can be fulfilled only by having proper debates and arguments to catch the several objectives with in the society. And the catalyst of such improvement is the media their interference in the process and the movements obviously helps in generating more facts amongst the society. Role of media is prominent in drafting public

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