Food Security In Japan

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Japan’s population is increasing each year. This will be difficult to provide enough and sufficient food, water and energy for a sustainable livelihood. Japan need to increase their food production. By doing this, the energy use in food production should be environmentally friendly and sustain the natural resources efficiently. Major part of sustainable energy should be based on biofuels.
Table 1: Japan Population Source: Worldometers (

Biofuel program is promoted in Japan. Japan is taking this initiative to deal with their own country problems such as climate change, energy security and also to promote rural development. Furthermore, the program is promoted in order to encouraging
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While non – food – based biofuel and cellulosic – based biofuels does not have serious impact on food security in Japan. This is because the amount of feedstock used for non – food and cellulose – based biofuels is small (Koizumi, 2013). Even though the Japanese government was taking the matter of food security that might be affected due to biofuel very seriously but their concern was quite different from the other countries. Definition of Japanese food security also differs from the main definition, which adopted from the 2009 World Food Summit on Food Security. Japanese food security was defined as preparation for ensuring food supply measure and swift action in case that food supply has a negative effect from unexpected factors. In the other word, Japanese focus on the availability of foods (Koizumi,…show more content…
In 2011, Japan is importing about 564 thousand kℓ of biofuel from other countries (F.O. Licht, 2012). Due to having different definition of food security with the other countries, Japan does not cover undernourishment. This could give negative impact on undernourished households. High and middle class household are less vulnerable than undernourished households.
Overall, this biofuel programs help to expand agricultural and rural development and also that contribute to reduction of the greenhouse gas emission. Besides, this will eventually contribute to the development of biofuel production, which will harmonize the environment and food availability (Koizumi, 2013). However, the development of both agriculture and rural area can bring negative impact to their own country food security and also can affect the environment in negative way (Koizumi, 2013).


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