Food Security In Sub Saharan Africa

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Food science is the study of many different physical, biological, and chemical consituents of food. Whereas, Food technology is applying food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and the safety of the food.
What is food security and insecurity?
Food security is the occurance of people having food at all times, having physical, social amd economic assessibility to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets the individuals dietary needs and preference for the active and healthy life. Wheras, Food insecurity
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Yields have infac decreased in the past 40 years. It has shown that reasons for this occurance in Sub-Saharan Africa is due to us having the poorest soil. Its highly prone to soil erosion, very low pH(Acidic), and shortage of water. Despite this Afica still needs to produce high yields. Therefore a way of achieving this is through the use of modern biotechnology and food technology, mainly the harvesting of genetically modified crops. Urges to develop and rediscover different methods of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides, to better the soil and water management, and increase the employment of the poor, women in particular.
Factors impacting food security in Sub-Saharan Africa:
Growing demand
Food demand in Sub-Saharan Africa is due to three trends, a growing population, extremely fast urbanisation and a change of diets. As societies domestic income increases, people adopt a different lifestyle, more western. This causes a shift from grain staple to livestock products. It leads to an increase if demand for meat, vegetables, dairy and sugar
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African countries especially South Africa will gain from the genetic engineering of insect-resistant cotton. Especialy in Kwa-Zulu Natal where alot of small-scale farmers have been practicing thid. This might not solve the food shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa but is extremely valuable economically, especially in rural areas.
Another use of genetic modification in South Africa is the use of tobacco. Tobacco is a very drought resistant and hardy crop, it will be used to produce vaccines against he deadly HIV virus.
Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa desperately need genetically modified crops as a way of alleviating food insecurity it should and will increase yiels and decrease the chronic food shortage. Sub-Saharan Africa is abundant in arable land and natural resources, all of which used in the approaite manner could contribute to solving there problem. Agricultural potential needs to be shown. If Sub-Saharan Africa, especially South Africa lowers the amount of imports and increases exports, economically people will be better off financially. Has much as food aids help Sub-Saharan Africa, it should not be relied on. If more local produce is harvested and sold, that would be a huge start at allevaiting food insecurity. Food for

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