Food Security Problems

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The United Nation (UN) calls for investments in farming to increase food production. The global population should grow from 6.9 billion today, to 9.1 billion people in 2050. As a result, a 70 percent increase in global food production will be required. At this time, agriculture investments cannot meet the growing need of food.
Definition of Food security - nation ability to provide sufficient food for its population without being overly reliant on outside nations

Droughts, floods and other climate change activity may worsen the food situation. This will mainly affect poor countries and countries that rely on food imports. The Gulf region is especially weak because most of its food is imported.
However, the UAE is working to develop the local
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Availability of key inputs for food production- land, water, fertilizer. This due because of dessert lands in UAE which are not good for farming.
2. It is a particular concern in the UAE, where the hot, dry climate and the shortage of water make growing any crops an expensive and difficult.
3. A world economic crisis makes some country in the world not to export because of shortage in food.
4. Investment in agricultural Research and development is not good to make our own foods.
5. The availability of fresh water and land is declining.
6. Climate change will have a big impact this due of high temperature.
7. It is predicted that oil prices will rise again to record high as of 2008 and prices of many food products rose as a consequence.
The Situation of external suppliers
In 2008, Brazil, as one of the main suppliers of live animals and animal products to the UAE, exported a total of 245 million kg worth AED 1.9 billion to the Emirates. India was second having exported a billion AED worth of goods weighing more than 95 million kg. In terms of vegetable products, India and Pakistan are considered to be the main Asian countries supplying UAE markets. Since these two countries are located in close proximity to the UAE, with easy access via the Gulf of Oman, it is common to see several hundred large dhows transporting vegetables and other foodstuffs from India and Pakistan for delivery to markets in the
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Because of the effects of the policy in the Middle East it shows one more that this area is a turbulent region and there are credible scenarios under which UAE simply cannot continue bring food in due to international conflict. Especially, with its harsh environment and the water shortage supply it would be difficult to depend on its local food source. This was not the case in Iraq during the international sanction in 1990s, because Iraq has fertile soil and large water supply which enabled the farmers to produce more food to supply its main

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