Food Security Research Paper

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Topic - Food security a breeding ground for conflict.
(A study based in the Yavatmal District of Maharashtra)
1. Problem Identification:
Yavatmal is one of the most backward Districts of country. Yavatmal is split into 5 sub-divisions (16 blocks) and includes 1856 inhabited villages and 1208 gram panchayats (MACP). The district has a high tribal concentration of about 19.26% according to 2001 census (K. C. Ramotra). Approximately 78% of the population live in rural areas (CENSUS2011). Agriculture, mostly rainfed, is main occupation and cotton (cash-crop) is major crop grown. Out of total 42.2% of households in Yavatmal are classified as below the poverty (DATA.GOV.IN).
The district faces severe problem of Food security evident from High rates
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3. Literature Review:
Food security as a concept originated in 1970’s in international discussions going on in context of Global food crisis. Initially focus was only on supply issues and price stabilization of basic food items at international and national level (FAO, 2006).
In 1983 FAO further enriched the concept of food security stating, “ensuring that all people at all times have both physical and economic access to the basic food security that they need” (FAO, 2011).
IN 1986 World bank report “ Poverty and Hunger” introduced concepts of Chronic food insecurity and Transitory food insecurity. Chronic food insecurity deals with problems of continuity or in other words structural poverty, low income and deprivation. Transitory food insecurity is about temporary and short term shocks like natural disasters, conflict etc. It is relatively unpredictable and can emerge suddenly.
In 1990’s shift happened from individual to global level terms like food safety, nutritional balance, socially or culturally determined food preferences became the focus (Maxwell S. ).
“Food security at the individual, household, national and global levels exist when all people , at all times , have physical ,social and economic access to sufficient ,
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"The situation which prevails at any given time between individuals and groups who have or perceive to have competing/incompatible understanding/interests relative to an issue, thing or situation". - Palmyra Workshop Trainers
5. Objective of the study:
The objective of this study is as following:
§ To understand the issues behind prevalent food scarcity.
§ To understand the reasons behind high incidence of riots.
§ To understand, if at all any linkage, is there between food security and riots.
§ To examine the possibility of any near future large-scale conflict due to issue of food security.
§ To recognize the focal point leading to food security issue so that it can be solved. 6. Research Question/ Hypotheses:
§ Can Food Security issue cause Conflict?
§ Is there any possibility of happening of a large-scale conflict due to food security in the region?
Relationship of Interest
7. Research Design:
The research is quantitative in nature. It would be primarily Exploratory study, to find if food security can lead to a large-scale conflict. It will be a

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