Food Shortages In Developing Countries

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Nowadays, there are more and more population on this planet. It leads to a series of serious problems. Thus the problem of food shortages is the most obvious and important issue. Food is the material foundation thing to the survival of humans. If the governments of developing countries can solve the problem of food shortages, it probably can make their countries more stable and promote the economic development. There are a great numbers of methods to solve the food shortages problem but this does not mean that all of the methods are perfect. One solution probably has good effects and bad effects. This essay will suggest and evaluate the key solutions about the problem of food shortages in developing countries. Currently, hybrid rice is widely considered not only the best but also the most effective method to solve the world food crisis. Yuan Longping ,the father of hybrid rice. He devoted his life to research of hybrid rice. He always concerned about the people. At the same time he solved the world’s fifth people out of poverty. He has two dreams, one is synthetic the super hybrid, and the other one is to make hybrid rice for the world. Actually, hybrid rice has alleviated the food crisis to a large extent in some developing countries. ‘Pakistan currently produces about 6 million tons of rice annually of which around 3 million tons are exported. Average rice yield in Pakistan is around 3.7 tons per hectare, while hybrid rice cultivation covers only 202,400 hectares or

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