Food Situation Analysis

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Chapter 1
Situation Analysis Foods are delicious and healthy that is why the people loved to eat it. Foods should be stored properly. According to Graham Day, 2011, foods that are correctly stored will be protected from contamination, deterioration, and damage. One way to store food is using containers. Containers are used to store objects or food. Food containers are used to hold and transport food at different temperatures (Thomas, 2017). It is very useful for people who have to prepare food and eat it later of the day. Containers, nowadays, are objects that are very helpful to people. They make people’s lives easier. People can store food in it and eat the food on the following day without it being spoiled. Food containers
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Food should be stored in containers to make it last longer. Foods easily spoil. According to Dr. Angela Fraser, 2012, food spoilage is the disagreeable change in food and there are different factors that cause food spoilage: one is because of air and oxygen; secondly is because of moisture; third is because of light, and the last two are microbial growth and temperature. These factors can greatly affect the food and when people eat a spoiled food, they can get illnesses and will be brought to the hospital. Foods, like soups, must also be consumed at their recommended temperature. One way to protect and keep foods hot or cold is using containers. Containers can be placed in the hot or cold environment. According to Josh Patrick, 2013, improper food storage is one of the causes why food spoils easily and it must be stored in containers that protect it from exposure to air and other factors of spoilage. Foods are delicious when consumed in their recommended temperature. Cold foods give a body a cooling effect and there are different kinds of cold foods: melon, watermelon, and yogurt (Cloqston-Willmott, 2011). Hot foods give enjoyment and great taste to food and there are different kinds of hot…show more content…
According to Doug Stewart, 2017, James Prescott Joule, an English physicist studied the nature of heat and laid the foundation of the theory known as conservation of energy. According to Heba Soffar, 2015, heat is a thermal energy that flows from a warmer region to a much colder or cooler region. In addition, another meaning of heat is according to Chris Woodford, 2017, heat is a shortened term of saying heat energy. Heat energy is can transforms matters into different states. When ice is heated, it turns into water. When water is heated, it evaporates and then become rain or droplets of water under a cover. The best way to measure heat is through thermometer. According to Chris Woodford, 2017, there are two common scales that are used when heat is being measured. One is Celsius and Fahrenheit, named after Anders Celsius and Daniel Fahrenheit, respectively (Woodford, 2017). Kelvin is also used which was named after William Thompson, popularly known as Lord Kelvin (Woodford,

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