The Importance Of Food Sovereignty

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“Food is a lifeline to the community.” (Ice Alaska, n.d.). Alaska Native communities rely on the land and water for food necessities. Food sovereignty is the right of the people or the community to a healthy and culturally appropriate foods (Food Sovereignty, n.d.). This is food that is produced through ecological sound and sustainable methods. Food sovereignty is also define as the right of the people to decide what their food will be and how they will obtain it, whether through hunting, fishing, gardening or gathering (Food Sovereignty n.d.). This limits the say that markets and corporations have on the items the Natives choose to eat. Food sovereignty helps the Natives to be able to show the next generation how they gather and hunt…show more content…
Food security is define as having access to a sufficient amount of affordable and nutritious food that meet their dietary needs (Food Secure, n.d.). A person who does not live in fear of being hungry is considered to have food security. Natives now have access to food that may not grow in their region. This would mean that items that are not available in a certain area are delivered to a market where Natives will be able to purchase them. But food security does not say where the food comes from or under the conditions that it was produced and distributed. Food security and food sovereignty are different in some ways. Food security is about the availability of food regardless of the type or the method of how it was produced or under what conditions it was distributed. Whereas sovereignty is the choice of the communities and the people to control their own food and decisions of how it is acquired. Food sovereignty is the local control by the community and food security is people relying on the economy and their agriculture markets. One fact is the same between the two and that is that people have the right to…show more content…
Most Alaska Natives know where their meat is coming from as they hunted, fished for it or made possible trades. This would be the first part of the production planning and design making for them in the food systems. Also they harvest any berries, grasses or eggs that are available to them, this ensures that they know that these items are chemical free. This is the next step in Natives knowing where and when to harvest items. The last part of the food component is the distribution of the goods, here Natives with help Elders that are unable to get out and look or hunt for food that is in their diet. Having these traditions in sharing with the Elders ensures that young generations will know what they need to do to help later in life. Also Natives now have access to items that are distributed through food pantry or at the market. Having availability to these items will help the Natives be able to get to healthy fruits and

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