Food Stamps Pros And Cons Essay

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As the economic troubles increased after 2007, the use of food stamps also grew as well for several years. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that an average of 44 million people were on food stamps in 2011; that's up from 17 million in 2000. Economic troubles does not only make it hard for people financially but emotionally as well. According to a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education posted on the number of people with master's and doctorate degrees who have had to apply for food stamps, unemployment or other assistance more than tripled between 2007 and 2010. A higher amount of people are needing a government assistance.
After years of stress and suffering and working hard to get their degrees, for them to have it not be useful is a waste of time. They wouldn’t be able to practice the work they would want to do and to have their skills decline would be disappointing. To have to work hard and earn a low income would be ridiculous. As people would say, higher education means higher income but education is not a guarantee to a success.
Why are so many Ph.Ds on food stamps? According to a 2010 report published at, 360,000 of the 22 million Americans with graduate degrees received some kind of public assistance. That is a high amount even if they have worked very hard to earn
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Further education into certain fields are not as beneficial as other degrees. Recent college graduates that are not able to attain a job in their chosen field have to make circumstantial decisions to work in other positions, sometimes totally different than the degree they achieved, leaving them unprepared for the challenges of the work environment. This is caused by a low supply of the job being offered in comparison to the demand of graduates pursuing the

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