Food Sustainability Research Paper

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Food sustainability
What is food sustainability?
John Turenne (FCSI, founder and President of Sustainable Food Systems) says -“Sustainability in Food Service is simply defined as ‘a way of producing and consuming food that ultimately promotes the continuous well-being of ourselves and our planet’.”

We owe it to ourselves and our children and our children’s children to adapt ourselves to make better decisions and protect our land, our farmers and our food sources. There are four area affected

It has been said by the Centre for Disease Control in American that children will die at a younger age than their parents, so a back to basics approach needs to be implied.

The Environment
The problem here is that there are so many chemicals
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There is a third part time worker to do a deep clean on Sundays when the restaurant is closed and also he clover the other workers days off.
I won’t require a person to cover the stores and check in deliveries as the chefs will do that in the kitchen. Also I feel as the business is small it’s an unnessuarry wage to pay at these early stages.
Staff facilities
There will be two small changing rooms for both the ladies and gents to change in with the use of a shower is required. Each room with have a bathroom just off it and lockers for staff personal belongings and given a key. Uniforms will be provided by the restaurant. Chef’s uniforms will be sponsored by Pallas foods and the chefs safety shoes will be sponsored by our meat and duck suppliers. (An agreement made for giving them the
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One important pieces of equipment is my point of sale system (POS). I will need this to track the sales and food usage. Microsoft say that. POS systems help specify the exact amount of product used for each purchase. Hence, you will subsequently be able to calculate cost of goods sold, one of your most significant restaurant expenses. POS systems connect register transactions to your restaurant compute and the system also allows me to print out reports so I can find ways to lower my overall food costs.
I have listed below the full list of large small and specialized equipment I will need in my restaurant with my menus in mind as well as my staff and health and safety legislation.
Extractor fans and canapoly over main cooking island and a small one over cooker in pastry section. One combi Oven stationed in main course section
Three Gas hobs , one in main course section, one in starters and one in pastry with ovens underneath.
1 adjustable salamander grill on main course section p 437 699
Under counter fridge’s and freezers in all sections p 509 1189 x 3
Refrigerated servery topper starters p 512

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