Food Tourism Literature Review

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2.1 Introduction In this chapter of the literature review will helps the researcher to better understand the subject matter of the research from sources reference such as books, journals, scholar articles, government publications, dissertation, websites and previous researches. This chapter will discuss the concept of tourist, food tourism, push and pull factor and in the food -related tourism. 2.2 Tourist Tourist means a person who travels to other places for pleasure. Television was the most frequently used source of information by tourists, followed by friends, magazines, Internet, books, pictures, other people, movies, stories, experience, news, imagination, newspaper, National Geographic Channel, advertisements, articles, media, and…show more content…
The food tourism has also been called by gastronomy tourism or culinary tourism. Culinary traveller would look for a unique and different experience during trip as (Richards, 2002) stated. The traveller wants experienced different things than what they have before. Gastro tourism and other food related tourism has focused typically on cultural aspects of food such as how, when, why and where the food is prepared. The main motivation for people to travel are to experience and taste he food and drinks that can provide a lasting memory in their lifetimes the reasons people travel because they want to experience the food and drinks of other places and also know their culture. The unique trips will make the traveller remember every detail of moments that they have at the destination. From the tourist view of experience, food consumption in tourism can be conceptual distinguished into ‘supporting consumer experience’ and ‘peak touristic experience’ as (Quan & Wang, 2004)…show more content…
The pull and push factor also plays as main reasons to motivating tourist to visit a destination. The push factor considered to be socio-physiological motivation that supports people to travel to certain places. Most of the push factor are intangible and intrinsic motivation of the individual traveller such as thy want to escape, rest, relaxing, health and fitness, adventure, prestige and social interaction stated (Mohamad & Som, 2010). Motivation is related to the psychological factors that the drive needs, wants, and goals of individuals, it is considered to be a dynamic process within human kind that guides behaviour (Chan & Baum,

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