Food Transport And Hotel Industry Case Study

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.3 Barrier The relationship between the hotel industry and the transportation industry is very close. Many departments and demands of the hotel are closely linked with the transportation industry. However, what are the obstacles that exist between the transport industry and the hotel industry?
2.3.1 Barriers between food transport and hotel industry
First and foremost, the obstacles that can arise between food transport and the hotel industry. The hotel 's food and beverage department can complement the hotel 's business and expand its success. Catering is part of a restaurant, hotel, or event planning event that serves food and refreshments for weddings and other celebrations. The food and beverage department is best positioned to provide lasting memories to its guests and create a viable revenue base for affiliates. Therefore, the food supply department is very important. So in the transport process, the food safety department for the food and beverage sector, what kind of obstacles will happen? First, the transport of food presents three hazards: 1. Material hazards, such as metal, wood, glass or other foreign objects, may enter the food during transport. 2. Chemical hazards of previous non-food and non-food products mixed in the same cargo; leakage from refrigerants, residues of detergents or from the external environment. 3. Insufficient temperature control can be biohazardous to bacteria, molds, yeasts, parasites, algae and the growth of biological

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