Food Truck Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nowadays popularity of food trucks is growing up so fast that’s why a lot of people who likes to expand their business are appealing to this idea.“According to ‘Technomic’, a research firm specializing in the food-service industry, sales for the food truck segment comprised predominately by independent operators are growing about 15 percent annually, compared with around 5 percent a year for the casual dining segment”. Moreover it can save money because it is fast and cheaper than opening another branch for the restaurant. It doesn’t need a lot of equipment, employees and decoration. Food truck serves all socio economic classes (SEC) as it has a variety in the food menu with lower price than restaurant. Food trucks have a lot of advantage and disadvantage, let’s first looks the advantage of introducing a food truck. Less of a risk, whenpeople think about starting a new business or expanding their industry, minimizing their risks becomes one of the top priorities. As a result food truck is better choice for them than opening a restaurant, because it is always easier to open up or close-up the business without losing a lot of money. You can build your brand before expanding, if we look at brand restaurant it is always tougher for them to change their image and brand on the other hand it is easier for food truck to change its brand image by changing its location. But also it’s not always good to continuously change your brand image and selling message because that may result in

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